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This site is a collection of stories. It’s a home for big hearts and open minds. It’s a place where deeply curious women share musings, insights and personal truths. And it’s rooted in the belief that honest conversations and thoughtful observations have the power to make each day more inspired than the last.

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  • PinkPot_CreativeConvex_H6

    When I Paint My Masterpiece

    On making time to play and how sometimes creativity needs to take different forms.  I love writing. I love expressing myself through words. I love watching […]

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  • DeathtoStock_Medium8

    Permission Granted

    I’ve enjoyed the music of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (who I refer to as mbf) ever since I was a wide-eyed second year student at the […]

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  • IMG_4030

    No, it’s not ok.

    Asking for what we want. Sounds simple, right? You want something, you ask for it, you get it – end of story. However, I suspect […]

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